Seychelles – A Photo Series

Our mother / wife arrived and we spent two wonderful weeks exploring the inner granite isles of the Seychelles. Lazy days, sunny days, rainy days, spectacular sunsets, typically stunning beaches, a bit of hiking/ fishing in between and a whole lot of boulders.


Seychelles — Bountiful Boulders

After dodging squalls for the previous two days, we round past the north end of Mahe. Engines on, we pass the masses of granite boulders that seem to be the only objects of photographic interest for publicizing these honeymoon mounds of earth. After a bit of respectful shouting through the radio, we manage to organise …

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Planning a Multi-Day Hike in Mafate, La Reunion

Reunion’s hiking is primarily centered around its volcanos. There is the very active Piton la Fourdaise (see here) and the now extinct volcano that formed Reunion, with Piton la Neige as its peak. The extinct volcano collapsed on itself, forming three ‘cirques’ or canyons. These cirques are Cilaos, Mafate, and Salazie. All the cirques have …

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